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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My First Full Tank of Gas

On the 17 Dec 2006 morning, I went to Tamming Jaya Petronas to fill in my first tank of Natural Gas. I was having difficulty locating the place to pump the gas at first. It was at the site of the station where you have to queue at the back of the station. There is a sign written for Taxi only. Maybe it is because majority of the NGV users are Taxi driver.

There are two station and only one occupy. So i drive in the empty slot and fill in my gas. There is an attendant to help to pump the gas. Basically you just have to sit in the car for Tamming Jaya Station and pay the fee after the tank is full.

From an empty tank, you can fill up with RM8.80 of gas at rate RM0.68 per litre.

On my switch there one square light on the left to indicate Petrol mode and 4 round lights on the right to indicate the level of gas pressure in the tank. Once it reach the last round light, you can still use your car as normal and when it will blink which indicate that it is almost empty. Then you have to switch back to petrol mode.

How does the switch operate? If the switch was on the left hand side, it mean operating on Petrol mode and right hand side is operating on Gas mode. There is a Idle mode on the middle of the switch where you use it to burn all the remaining Petrol before switching to Gas mode.

If you need to switch from Petrol to Gas, you have to turn to Idle Mode to burn off the remaining Petrol in the Carburetor then only you can turn to Gas Mode, else your car will be jerking.
If you need to switch from Gas to Petrol, you do not need to turn to Idle Mode. Just turn to Petrol Mode on the left hand side of the switch immediately. This is because the gas can be burn out much faster then petrol.

You can start your car either in Gas or Petrol Mode. For Gas mode might need to press the pedal a bit to pump the gas in the carburetor to start the car faster. Mean if you in Gas Mode and you fill in your gas tank on time when it almost empty, mean you will hardly turn back to Petrol mode unless you need more pickup during in hurry or where there is not station for you to fill in Natural Gas.

My first experience of NGV summary:
The pickup is lesser comparing to the Petrol version. You have to press the pedal harder to push the car. Maybe my car is heavy and my plug is old. That's why the pick up is not that great. But when it reach a certain speed, its run as normal.
I was driving my car to work, so I don't need a great pick up as the morning rush hour traffic is bad. Most of the time my car is idle or slow.


  • Philip,
    What is the mileage per liter of NG?
    What is the cc of your car?
    Any engine or performance problem so far switching to NG?
    What was the cost of conversion to dual fuel?

    By Blogger Ramendran, at 3:25 PM  

  • Hi Ramendran!

    Sorry for the late reply.

    1. What is the mileage your got for a litre of NG i.e km/litre?

    Depend on the size of the cylinder used. Refer

    2. How does fuel consumption compare with petrol?

    You are driving on dual fuel mode. That's mean you can drive using gas and petrol. For about RM8 - 9
    of Natural Gas you can run about 130-150km

    3. Any engine performance issues thus far?

    JOin the NGV community today for the discussion on the performance issue and how to overcome it.

    4. What is the cc of your car?

    The cc of my car is 1500cc and is a carburetor car.

    FYI: there is 2 members in the community converted 1.6 Kia Spectra

    Please visit the join the community at

    By Blogger Philip Ng Choy Ching, at 5:39 PM  

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