Philip Ng Malaysia CNG / NGV conversion kit installation Diary

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Engine Inspection at PUSPAKOM

End of December 2005, I went to PUSPAKOM ( for engine inspection and certification that my car is currently in Dual Mode combustion i.e. Petrol and Gas.

I arrived in the morning around 10:30am at PUSPPAKOM at Wangsa Maju. There are two entrance, i drove to the left hand site of the entrance. Then I park my car at a Special Inspection Area and walk to a registration counter nearby. Then I went to a payment counter to pay the inpection fees of RM15 and pass them all the installation documents to them. You will get a receipt. DO NOT LOSE this receipt. You need it to get your inspection certificate later.

Waited for one and half hour, then only reach my turn. Luckily the Special Inspection Area is covered parking lot with 3 lanes. Before the Inspector arrive, I have to open the Car Bonet, make sure the engine number and Chasis number is clearly visible to the Inspector. The inspector will carbonate the number with a pencil. Then the inspector went to the back of the car to carbonate the ngv tank serial number. Then I have to wait for a senior inspector to sign the inspection certificate. Since I it is already 12pm, the senior inspector alerady went out for lunch and I have to wait until 2pm for him to get back. I get the certificate at 2:30pm. FOR your information you do not need to drive to car exhaust inspection area after the inspector has check your engine number and chasis number. Park your car at open parking area while waiting for your certificate to be announced to you. They will call your car number plate. Present them your receipt and they pass the certificate.

Then I decide went to JPJ to update my registration number. JPJ is next to PUSPAKOM. I pickup the appropriate form for changing the registration card information from a counter at the ground floor. It was free. You need to fill in three forms where one of the form is duplicated. Then I went to the back of the building to climb up the staircase to first floor. It was a long queue to get a queue number. It was 3pm at that time. I decided to leave and come other day.

On January 9, 2006, I went to JPJ in the morning and I arrive at 9am. No one in the queue. I pickup a number with 4 people in front of me. The officier update their computer with my new car information. The officer just use her pen to change the information on the registration card and chop on top. She updated the Road Tax with an adjustment. Since early last year 2005, there was a reduction in roadtax of 50% on my car for below 1500c. My car which was RM213.60 yearly wen down to RM106.80 . For CNG car, there is another 25% reduction. Again my road tax went down from RM106.80 to RM80.10 yearly.

I would advice you go early in the morning before the PUSPAKOM open if possible 7:30am. Reading news paper while waiting for PUSPAKOM to open. Then straight away goto JPJ, fill in form. Goto first floor, get number and done.

If you need to change personal information on the car, you need to photostat your Identification Card . (MYCARD) and pass to them as well.


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