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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mileage of my car and Tips on CNG / NGV car

In average, with a full tank of gas about RM8.5, with a Wira 1.5, you can go about 130km. This is city driving range.

It is about RM0.065 per KM. Compare to previously RM0.185 per KM if using petrol. After petrol increase (28 Feb 2006) my petrol mileage have increase from RM0.185 to RM0.22 .

I like to goto Tanming Jaya NGV station as they have attendant. They open from early morning to 11pm. They are three pumps there. I like to use the left pump as it pump more than the right pump with higher pressure.

For your information, you need to stop your car engine while pumping the gas into the gas cylinder. According to the attendance, the heat from the engine will direct back to the hose and causing the connector and hose to to heat up. Once it is full, you pay and drive away.

If you goto KLCC, you have to pump on your own and pay at the counter.

I start using my cng conversion kit at 122,620km on my car meter. It is almost 1000km and I haven't pump in any petrol into my car. It is running cleaner with less carbon deposit in my engine. The engine oil is cleaner.

If you need to tune your CNG car, you can also goto a friend of mine that working from 8:30pm onwards at Kg. Baru of Jalan Muda Abdul Aziz Petronas to do the adjusment. It is cheaper and he is good at it. Write to me if you need his contact information.

More tips:
1) It is advice to change a new set of plugs for better performance. Normal plug will do. Reduce the gap to 1mm .

2) DO NOT switch the mode from petrol to gas before the petrol finishing burn in the chamber. It will spoil the plug and affect the engine performance and it might start jerking. While in idle mode, you can still run your car for about 100m, then stop a while press the gas peddle hard and maintain to 3000 rpm. When petrol finish, it will drop, when it drop to 1200rpm, switch to gas mode with a few step on the pedal.

3) Always start your car in the morning with petrol mode to warm the engine. It is the same if your car is stop for more than half an hour.


  • Can you share some of the names of companies which offer NGV conversions for cars in the Klang Valley?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:03 PM  

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