Philip Ng Malaysia CNG / NGV conversion kit installation Diary

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

NGV Community forum is up on Free hosting Server

Dear NGV friend,

Lauching of NGV Community Malaysia (23,March, 2006)

Finally I have made a forum for NGV Community. Please feel free to visit the site for
more information and steps on how to acquire the NGV conversion kits. Registration is needed. This community is sort of like a NGV / CNG club or society for NGV users to get together to share knowledge and experience.

All steps are written clearly in the forum, how and where to obtain the price, how and where to buy and installed NGV conversion kit.

Currently, I in the progress of acquiring authorised agents rights with a company to distibute the NGV kits. Once I get the authorisation, i will announce in this blog and the forum. Part of profit will be used to support the forum, to support some of the on going research to boost NGV kits, to make NGV affordable to everyone through easy payment.

Forward this link to your friends to promote/boost the use of NGV in Malaysia.

happy NGVing

Here is the link
Registration required.


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