Philip Ng Malaysia CNG / NGV conversion kit installation Diary

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Visit Momoweb MoG Sdn Bhd Workshop at Jalan Ipoh on 19 June 2006

Visit Momoweb MoG Sdn Bhd installation site at Jalan Ipoh on 19 June 2006.
They have a complete installation facility and spacious workshop.
More information about Momoweb MoG Sdn Bhd please visit

They have safety guideline and installation standard to make sure the NGV conversion is safe for NGV user.

You can get quotation and book for the installation through Hydrotech as we are also appointed as certify agent for Momoweb MoG Sdn Bhd.

Momoweb MoG Sdn Bhd has a online ngv system that work with agents and certify installer that installed according to the NGV conversion standard safety.

For interested user, you can email your information to me at and we will register your information through the Momoweb MoG Sdn Bhd online agent system. Momoweb MoG Sdn Bhd will then contact you to make the payment at their office and lastly assigned your car to certify installer by Momoweb MoG Sdn Bhd.

The following information are needed:
1) Full Name
2) Contact Number (mobile)
3) Contact Address (for warranty registration and notification for NGV checkup)
4) Email Address
5) Car Maker (Eg: Proton)
6) Car Model (Eg: Wira 1.5L Sedan)
7) Car No Plate

Visit for the type of car that can be installed.
DO NOT REGISTER your car at public login of your site as they can't track from which agent you are from.

FYI: Part of the commission earned will be used to support the NGV Community in future.


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