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Friday, March 31, 2006

Official Authorised agent for NGV conversion

As at 3 April 2006, Hydrotech Enterprise (a company that I setup) has been official appointed as Gajah Gas Sdn Bhd Authorised NGV conversion agent for KL/Cheras area. You can write to me for quotation for the NGV Conversion for carburetor and fuel injection car for personal car and company cars.

FYI: In my previous blog on ROI. During the last increase of petrol price on 28 Feb 2006. There is an increase of 20% on the petrol price (RM1.92/litre) but not on the CNG gas that use by the NGV car which is still RM0.68/litre. My ROI was suddenly shorten by 20% to a about year+ instead of 16.6 months as calculated. Imagine if the government increase the price again next year in 2007. The ROI will definitely be faster. Start investing in NGV kit today. Start saving today.

Refer to blog section for how much you or your company can save in a year.

to be continue...

For inquiry, Please write to the following email for NGV conversion quotation.
with email subject: NGV Quotation

Here here to sent the email.

Please mention your email the following information
1) Car Make/Model (Eg: Proton Wira , INOKOM ATOS )
2) Type of Car Engine(Eg: Carburetor or Fuel Injection )
3) If Fuel Injection please indicate how many cylinder (4 or 6 Cylinders)
4) You contact number (Prefer your mobile)


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